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Student Stories-Zoe

Zoe is 23 years old and grew up in up in the Boudha area of Kathmandu, home to the famous Boudha Stupa and Buddhist Temple. Zoe is the youngest of 6 children. Zoe's parents have a small electrical shop where they both work.

Like Yamur, Zoe was referred to the Barista Training School by the NGO Blue Diamond Society- (BDS) an LGBTQ rights organization in Kathmandu.

Zoe also attended and graduated from the training program in February and then due to Lockdown was not able to start working right away.

Unlike many members of the LGBTQ community in Nepal, Zoe's family has accepted and supported him and he continues to live at home with the family. When asked about a short term goal for the next year Zoe (who prefers pronouns He/Him) said he hopes to enter into a pageant BDS is planning to have for the LGBTQ community. Zoe's long term goal is to teach hip hop dance classes.

Zoe shared it can be very difficult to feel accepted or to get a job as a person who identifies as LGBTQ here in Nepal. When asked what advice he has for other young people struggling with their identity or to find acceptance he said:

"You are missing out on life if you are hiding. Find someone who makes you feel accepted, reach out to the community, there is a community here in Kathmandu and we will help you-and never give up!"

Zoe also said he is hopeful that someday in Nepal the LGBTQ community can openly celebrate Pride month.

Zoe's Faves

Drink- Fresh Mint Lemonade



Music-Hip Hop

Hobby-Playing basketball and dancing

You can assist a young student like Zoe and give them an opportunity to learn to be a barista, a cook, a baker and other skills that will help them become gainfully employed in the hospitality and tourism industries.

You can sponsor a student like Zoe to attend Barista training school for only $200 USD!


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